IMPALED - THE OPERA by Brighton Theatre

It’s never been more important to get inside the skin of a historic monster figure. It’s the same struggle and world crisis today, with mediaeval cruelty, besieging of cities, and mass killing of enemies. Just as the impalees are ‘beyond pain’, so this opera goes ‘beyond comedy’ to give a fascinating and disturbing insight into the roots of the divisions between East and West.

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Contexts Festival by Brighton Theatre

Richard Demarco

Richard Demarco

Crane and Williams have been invited to CONTEXTS the Sokolovsko Festival of Ephemeral Art in Poland 29th June - 6th July 2016, where they will present extracts from Brighton Theatre's pioneering productions performed at Richard Demarco's galleries during Edinburgh Festivals from the 70s to the 90s, including GOGOL, ROLLING THE STONE, THE PASSION CONSIDERED AS AN UPHILL BICYCLE RACE, & VANITY.

Every year CONTEXTS pays tribute to an outstanding artist of unquestionable merits. In 2016 it is Richard Demarco, the extraordinary artist and curator, for decades responsible for visual arts at the Edinburgh Festival,  creator of exceptional archive, unique documentation of international art since 1960s. Richard Demarco's contribution to opening Europe to Polish art cannot be overestimated and compared with anything else.